Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sanctuary, Part Three

Author: J. Rosemary Moss
Genre: Urban Fantasy; Roxburg Stories
Warnings: None
Characters: Dan Shapiro, Jase, Misha, Raz Talhami
Summary: A pair of remarkably intelligent cats need to find a safe home.

Creative Commons License
Sanctuary by J.Rosemary Moss is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


Dan smiled as he put his beer on the coffee table and sank into his couch. Both cats were enjoying their new toys. Jase was carrying the little stuffed bunny around with him--and while attachment to a stuffed animal would be too undignified for his brother, at least Misha had forgotten himself long enough to chase a string and a small mouse toy.

But playtime was over as far as Dan was concerned. There was an afternoon ballgame coming on soon. He picked up his remote and found the Yankees channel. Then he picked up his beer and leaned back with his feet up on the table.

He had only made it through the first inning when Jase trotted into the room, bunny in mouth. He dropped the toy at Dan’s feet, as if presenting a kill. Then he leaped onto Dan’s lap and started pawing at his chest. Dan smiled as he scratched the cat's head. "Ok, boy. Settle down. I want to see the game."

Jase seemed to understand that they were done playing. He curled up on Dan's lap, facing the TV, looking like he was ready to watch. His brother joined them a moment later. He settled himself on the arm of the couch, just out of Dan's reach, also facing the television.

Both cats continued to stare at the screen for the remaining eight innings. Dan kept up a running commentary on the game, just for the hell of it. The cats occasionally glanced at him, as if they could grasp some of his points. Hell, maybe they could. Just his luck to be saddled with genius felines.

They got up simultaneously once the game was over. They arched their backs to stretch out and then jumped down from the couch, heading for the kitchen. Apparently it was time to eat. Dan followed them and poured fresh food and water into their bowls. Then he scrounged around his refrigerator for something to feed himself.

The three of them watched more TV after supper. Tomorrow Dan would behave himself and go out for a run. Maybe even hit the gym. But today it felt good to be lazy.

He was lying on the couch now with Jase sprawled on his chest. Misha, meanwhile, was back on the arm of the couch--this time within reach. Dan tried petting him, but the little fur-ball ducked away. But that was okay; Jase wanted enough petting for both cats. He was still the little attention whore.

Dan grinned as he shut his eyes and let the noise from the television wash over him. He was a lucky man, he decided. He liked his new companions, even if they were too smart for their own good. He loved his big flat-screen TV and his comfy couch. Most of all, he loved the fact that he had two more days before he had to return to the madness of the ER. A four days on, three days off schedule left plenty of time to get his sanity back.

Life was good.


Raz put down his binoculars and started up his car. He had just caught a glimpse of Dan snoozing on his couch, with one cat dozing on his stomach and the other perched nearby. He allowed himself to sigh in relief before driving off.

The pair should be safe enough--at least for now.

~The End~

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