Friday, October 29, 2010

Creative Draw of the Day: Five of Wands

From a writing point of view, I love this card. It's got something every story needs: conflict! Conflicts that result from fiery tempers, no less. (Wands represent the element Fire, which represent our passions and energy and ambition. All the stuff that good conflict is made of.)

On the other hand, some people look at this card and see stylized conflict--maybe a practice fight, or a pretend fight, or even some kind of dance rather than a real battle. Ok, I can see that. Perhaps this is a group of teenagers horsing around. Or a bunch of brothers who enjoy harmless brawling. But that's not much help when it comes to writing a story, so I prefer to interpret this as a real fight. (Though I'll admit it's probably not a deadly one.)

So a real fight it is--heck, I can't even tell who's on which side. I don't think there are sides--everyone's fighting with everyone else. I'm going to try to give just a little taste of that in my NaNo novel, Not So Safe. At one point in the story, when passions are running high and it seems that Zev's goal is out of reach, he'll be blowing up at the two people he wanted to avoid alienating: Marc and Sean.

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