Sunday, October 10, 2010

Creative Draw of the Day: Nine of Pentacles

To me, this card represents an independent woman who is complete in herself and happy living on her own. She's unapologetically wealthy, with a rich gown and a fancy manor in the background. She also has a garden that's bursting with grapes and pentacles. Two animals are keeping her company; a snail at her feet and a hooded falcon on her hand. 

She exemplifes the suit of pentacles: she's wealthy, earthy and successful. She's also either reasonably cautious or over-controlling, depending on how you feel about her keeping the hooded falcom. I suppose she's being responsible--falcons can be dangerous, but she's made sure hers is restrained. But you can argue that a falcon belongs free in the wild, not in captivity.

Or perhaps the falcon is symbolic. Maybe she's restrained as a person, putting her energy and passion primarily into her garden.

At any event, she's another reminder to me to pay attention to my female characters--especially a female character who's comfortable in her own skin and thrilled to keep her relationship status on Facebook set to "single."

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