Saturday, October 16, 2010

Creative Draw of the Day: Knight of Cups

This card belongs to the hopeless romantic. In fact, I think this knight is more interested in a chilvarous, dreamy, romantic ideal than in any flesh-and-blood lover. And he's definitely the type to put his calling--or quest--before everything else. Family and loved ones will always come second.

At an extreme, this knight may adore romance, but be asexual in practice. (For some people, sex and romance don't need to intertwine.)

So this character will win lots of points with his love interest in the beginning of the relationship; he has all the right instincts as far as romantic dates and gifts go. But long term--well, if his lover is ok playing second fiddle to his dreams and ideals, things will go well. But who wants things to go well? In a good story, a whole lot of things will go wrong first . . .

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