Saturday, August 14, 2010

Begone, vamps!

Angel and Spike
I'm putting together a character list for an urban fantasy story. I've decided that no vampires need apply.

Yes, I read and enjoy vampire stories. And I'm a hardcore Buffy fan. But I've never had a real feel for these walking cadavers. Besides, I have issues with the whole blood diet. How un-kosher is that?

I also have a problem with most vampire-human love stories. There's usually quite an age-difference involved. Why would someone who is hundreds of years old want to date someone in their twenties, let alone a teenager? (Sorry, Buffy, but as much as I like you with both Angel and Spike, I can't help but dwell on this question . . .)

Vampire-vampire romances have more potential. (Ahem. Yes, I've been known to read a bit of Angel-Spike fan fiction.) And exploring the motivations behind those who willingly become vampires--that sounds intriguing. But I don't think I could do the characters justice. At heart, I don't want to get inside a vampire's head. In fact, I tried one roleplay as a vampire recently and it was a disaster. When it comes to playing a vamp--please forgive the pun--I suck.

So I'll have to turn away any and all vampire characters who try to force their way into my brain. That shouldn't be hard. After all, I'll be busy negotiating with psychics and shifters and ritualistic magicians . . .

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