Friday, April 1, 2011

Day One of Script Frenzy

Signing up for Script Frenzy was a last minute decision for me. I have some lingering distaste from last year--I finished my 100 pages way ahead of time, and went through what I thought was the verification process. But, apparently, it wasn't the 'official' verification. So I never got my winner's badge. (Grrr . . .)

But I decided to set my bitterness aside and try again. I had a great time last year, despite the badge mishap. And I've got an idea I love: Craig & David will be making their first Seder together. (The Seder is the ritual meal held on the first and sometimes second nights of Passover. Hosting the Seder is an experience full of both joys and headaches.)

My only problem is that I'm not used to writing in play format. But that's ok. Besides, I can always 'novelize' it later.

Are you taking part in Script Frenzy? I'd love to hear about your script and experiences!

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