Thursday, September 30, 2010

Creative Draw of the Day: Nine of Wands

This is a complicated card. Here's this beat up figure who is bravely--or stubbornly--holding his ground, guarding the wands behind him. Is he wisely preparing for the next attack? Or is he overly defensive, getting himself psyched up to confront a blow that will never come?

Wands are worth guarding. They represent the element of fire, which stands for our courage, our energy, our ambition, our creative spark and our chutzpah. Those are all postitive traits--but all dangerous ones if we misuse them.

Personally, I think this guy has anger issues. That description works for one of my new characters: Scott Edmund. Anger issues fit in well with someone who has aspects of the Emperor: Scott is definitely the leader/authority figure type, but he's also ruthless and too quick to take offense. Now I just have to delve into his past and figure out why he's so damn touchy . . .

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